Keep Your Family Safe & Kill Ticks With These 2 Products

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I think you'd agree with me when I say that Ticks are truly terrifying. 

Besides Lyme disease and a myriad of other barely-pronounceable ailments, they're gross looking and a royal pain to remove. 

They are also annoying to get rid of.

What if we told you there was a way to avoid having to pull them from your pets or walk with paranoia  through your lawn and surrounding woods? Lucky for you, there is.

While the best time to start treating your property for ticks was last year, the next best time is this year. 

Get started this Spring with these 2 highly effective treatments

1. Mouse Powered Tick Treatment

Believe it or not, the furry little rodent that burrows his way into your home each winter is also your strongest ally in the war on ticks. 

You just need to provide them with some bedding. 

Damminix Tick Tubes are a simple product with a simple application:

- Because only infant ticks in the early "larvae" stage are those that feed on mice, it's important that this product is applied Regularly

Each spring and late summer, place these cardboard rolls filled with cotton balls (soaked in a pet-safe chemical called permethrin) around your property. 

- Mice collect the cotton balls for their nests, the chemical is transferred to their fur (mice are unharmed)

- Ticks attempting to feed on mice (where they contract Lyme disease), come in contact with permethrin, and are killed.

When used consistently, tick tubes have been shown to  reduce tick population and infection rates by as much as 90% (if used consistently and at the right time of year).

For more information on this product and a detailed explanation of how it works, please visit our blog post  here.

2. Kill Ticks with Environmentally Friendly Cedar

Unless you are a lover of bugs, you'll appreciate  Tick Killz.

Made from 100% organic ingredients (the primary ingredient is cedar oil), Tick Killz doesn't stop at Ticks but also helps to eliminate mosquitoes, fleas and gnats. 

Available in  concentrate and ready to use formulations, this product is applied to all of your outdoor areas such as:

- Lawns

- Shrubs

- Flower Beds

- Property Perimeters

- Anywhere insects breed!

The concentrated version is mixed with water and applied with a sprayer of some kind (backpack, tank, etc.) at the rate of 1,000 sq. ft. for every gallon. While this product will kill pests on contact, it also has residual benefits for as long as 4 weeks.

Don't Just Sit there...Do Something!

While it's easy to get "analysis paralysis" and delay making a decision on treatments like these due to the wealth of technical information available, it's essential you institute some kind of a plan sooner rather than later. 

With increased Tick threats and the ever-growing list of transmitted disease that come from contact with them, you don't want to leave your safety to chance. Go on the offensive this year and kill some ticks!

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