Advantek 20000 Catch and Release Skunk Trap


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11.00 LBS
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    Rugged polyethylene construction. Electronic infra-red capture. Easy open release door. Safe and humane catch and release. Designed especially for skunks, but highly effective for a wide variety of unwanted animals. Absolutely the most effective and humane method for the capture and release of skunks and other unwanted animals available today! This durable, high quality trap is made with a rugged polyethylene composite and will provide years of dependable use. The Advantek Skunk Trap features an innovative Electronic infra-red Capture Technology. This design provides for a far more dependable capture than traditional "mechanical" devices. The compact design of the Advantek trap restricts the animal's movements and thereby promotes its safety. The inside of the trap is smooth offering no sharp edges that can cause harm to the animal. The enclosed design provides a dark environment which keeps the captured animal more calm. In order for a skunk to spray it must be able to raise its hind quarters and tail. The compact, molded design of this trap prohibits this. Skunks are less inclined to spray if they do not see you and if they have an open, unobstructed escape route. When they do not feel threatened skunks typically prefer to escape rather than spray. Generally skunks will not exit the trap immediately. It is common for them to wait 15-20 minutes before exiting. You will find this trap to be equally as effective for a wide variety of unwanted animals in addition to skunks. If the animal will fit into the trap it may be used. This includes possums, squirrels, rabbits, feral cats and more. There is wide variety of possible baits than can be used. Cat food, peanut butter and sardines are three commonly used baits. Fish scented or flavored baits seem to be the most successful. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included.
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