Ross Pond Netting - 14 FT x 14 FT

Ross Pond Netting - 14 FT x 14 FT

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    Keep leaves and debris out of your water features with Easy Gardener Ross Pond Netting. This product reduces maintenance time and protects aquatic animals from predators. Pond Netting is lightweight, flexible and blends into the landscape without detracting from the beauty of your water feature. Small pond gardeners frequently learn the hard way that cats, opossums, raccoons, birds and other creatures believe their beautiful aquatic feature is an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord. This can be an expensive lesson, especially when ponds are stocked with pricey fish like exotic koi. Many water garden retailers recommend netting as a practical and cost-efficient way to protect small ponds from would-be predators. Easy Gardener Ross Pond and Pool Netting is ideal. The lightweight protective mesh covering can easily be cut with scissors to customize fit. The netting leaves enough room for air to circulate without distracting from the aesthetic beauty of a pond. Pond netting also helps in small pond and water garden maintenance. It keeps leaves and other debris from falling into the water and causing algae growth or pump damage.
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