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Simple Success Essential Plus 1-0-1 Organic Plant Food, 1 Quart

4.00 LBS
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    An extraordinary product that takes care of critical plant growth from roots up through the stems, leaves, flowers and fruit. An all-encompassing product with the maximum amount of natural and organic ingredients packed into the bottle giving you a lot for your money. Essential contains over 40 different ingredients such L-amino acids, kelp, humic acid, natural rooting hormones, yucca extract, key vitamins and enzymes, simple and complex carbohydrates, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and more. The multi-vitamin and energy shake for the plant world. Certified as a BioBased product by the USDA. Thousands of satisfied customers around the world tell us about their successes stories including thick white roots that go deep into the soil. Used regularly, Essential produces better rooting, healthier plants, abundant growth, and more plentiful fruits, flowers and nuts. Essential also helps plants better withstand drought, heavy rains, and frosts.
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