WILT PRUF Concentrate


3.00 LBS
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    Wilt Pruf Plant Protector Concentrate The Proven Long Lasting Anti-Transpirant Since 1950!

     About Wilt Pruf:

    The concentrated formula of Wilt Pruf helps your plants retain moisture with just a single application that yields dividends months down the road, encouraging root development and reducing water stress. Protect all of your hard work spent toiling with your landscape, and enjoy a sterling manicured yard and garden throughout the entire year.

    The formula is also terrific for extending the lifespan of cut greens like Christmas trees and wreaths by preventing premature needle drop and browning.

    Wilt Pruf is a natural pine oil emulsion that is NON-HAZARDOUS, ORGANIC, AND BIODEGRADABLE. It is not damaged by freezing during storage, it has an indefinite shelf life, and is non-toxic to eyes and skin. Wilt-Pruf spray dries to form a clear transparent and flexible protective coating without interfering with plant growth or materially affecting respiration, osmosis, or photosynthesis.

    Mixing and Application:

    Simply mix one part Wilt-Pruf concentrate with five parts of water for Winter Protection or ten parts water for Summer, and your solution is ready for application. Spray it on the plants during dry or windy conditions to protect your plants by limiting moisture loss and apply to plants before the onset of Winter for Winter Protection.

    1 Gallon Concentrate = 5 Gallons Solution
    1 Quart = 160 Ounces / 1.25 Gallons Solution
    1 Pint = 80 Ounces / 0.625 Gallons Solution

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