The Brands of Great Garden Supply



black-gold-growing-mixes.png Professionally formulated for gardening success, Black Gold premium soils and fertilizers have been available at garden centers since 1983. With many of their products having been certified by the mulch and soil council, which assures they are made from the highest quality ingredients, professionals growers nation-wide have turned to Black Gold as their growing medium of choice. Shop their wide selection of OMRI approved products here.
coast-of-maine-soil.jpg Inspired by the state of Maine's rich history of composting, Coast of Maine was founded in 1996 as part of a co-operative effort to better coordinate the composting efforts of the areas Salmon, Wild Blueberry and Shellfish processors. With the eventual opening of a bagging facility in Portland, COM now produces high-end, organically approved plant food and compost-based soils. Their comittment to environmental responsibility has earned the trust of growers and gardeners everywhere. Shop Coast of Maine here.
 Dr-earth-organic-care  Considered to be one of the most innovative organic gardening companies on the market, Dr. Earth has stood by their mission to support organic gardeners. Focusing heavily on natural and organic products, Dr. Earth continues to strive for innovative product development that contributes to a clean environment and is safe for use around people and pets. They use no biosolids, compost household waste or synthetic chemicals. Shop the Dr. Earth line here.
 Espoma Organic Gardening  Established in 1929, Espoma has been growing their product base year after year. With one of the largest selections of organic products, Espoma has maintained their corporate comittment to safe and healthy lawns and gardens. Their potting soils, plant food, lawn food and other supplements are best in class and trusted by gardeners everywhere. Shop Espoma.
 adios-weed-killer.jpg Based in Montreal and a creator of environmantelly safe herbicides, Herbanature is best know for their popular product, A.D.I.O.S. Their aim is to tackle 3 primary issues; noxious weeds that affect public health, invasive vegitation, and residential lawn care. For environmentally safe weed control, check out ADIOS.